These are the best new films coming out in 2019

Posted 2019/02/23 1770 0


Get ready to save these dates as we take look at the most anticipated new movies coming out in 2019

This year, the film industry treated us to a few cinema favorites, with the blockbuster-that-is-more-than-a-blockbuster Black Panther or the Amelie-like production of The Shape of Water. That is just two: 2018’s highlights include the memorable Three Billboards, an enthralling new Avengers, and an all-women Ocean’s 8. Needless to say, this has set the bar pretty high for 2019.

Yet the upcoming year is ready for a challenge, and from the looks of it, 2019 will be a good one for cinema-goers. It is packed with highly-anticipated films – not the least of which is the very first Pokémon film Pokémon: Detective Pikachu, a thrilling prospect for fans who have been left feeling underwhelmed since the Pokémon Go hype died out. The X-Men franchise will release no less than two new films and, after being widely acclaimed on ITV, Downton Abbey will be taking on the big screen.

Those are only a few out of what’s in store for 2019, and here is our round-up of the most exciting films that are hitting cinemas next year. And if you can’t wait that long, make sure you take a look at the best films streaming on Netflix and the best movies on Amazon Prime.

* A Private War

Based on Vanity Fair article Marie Colvin’s Private War by Marie Brenner, Rosamund Pike stars as Marie Colvin, the award-winning Sunday Times foreign affairs correspondent, charting her life reporting from the front lines of conflicts around the world. Pike has already received a Golden Globe nomination for her performance and an average score of 89% on Rotten Tomatoes marks it out as one of the best independent films so far this year. It’s a powerful reminder of the sacrifices for those who report from the world’s most dangerous places.


*The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

Kids, young adults and parents, all rejoice: the Lego movie is back, with the same production team as the previous one, which was successful in winning over viewers of all ages. Not the easiest challenge, especially when working with brick landscapes and mini-figures. The film is set five years later, and this time our Lego hero Emmett has to face an invader named Sweet Mayhem that has come from extra-terrestrial territory to kidnap his friends. Not enough to push his spirits down, though. It’s time for Emmett to put his skills to the test as he travels to where no brick has gone before: outer space.


*Captain Marvel

Written and directed by husband-and-wife Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, Captain Marvel was announced four years ago and effectively is Marvel Studios’ first female-led superhero production. Expectations are high, therefore, but Brie Larson seems up to it in the role of Carol Danvers, alias Captain Marvel, an ex-US Air Force fighter pilot gifted with superhuman strength. Danvers joins the alien Kree military team as one of the galaxy’s most powerful fighters in the middle of an intergalactic fight between planet Earth and two other extra-terrestrial worlds. All of this while sorting through questions about her past and identity. Hats off to her.



Tim Burton’s skilful remastering of animated films into dreamy fantasy adventure productions has already proven its worth in the box-office with Alice in Wonderland; and the director is back at it with a retelling of the classic childhood must-watch Dumbo. The tale of the unlucky elephant that was born with ears too big and was endlessly mocked by its peers will be enacted by a high-profile cast including Eva Green and Colin Farrell. Tears are much-anticipated from viewers of all ages of course, and especially when it is revealed that Dumbo’s ears let him fly.